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How to anti fungal foods

Continue to consume fermented vegetables and kefir to help your body stay in balance and keep the candida at bay. Research studies have shown that garlic is effective against pathogens like Candida. You can make a liquid solution of apple cedar vinegar with water and apply it on your infected part daily for 3 to 4… Read More »

Can a anti viral work

Most every part of the elderberry can be used — the flowers, bark, roots and leaves are often used for their amazing health benefits. One approach has been to reproduce proteins called cytokines that are part of the immune system and use them to stimulate or inhibit certain immune cells. Ask how much liquid to drink… Read More »

Where you anti fungal use

Do not share personal items like clothes – don’t stop using this if the affected area is still not fully healed. Dye and soap, the OPI Nail Strengthener contains calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein as its main ingredients which fortify and strengthens weak and brittle nails. Using Copper where you anti fungal use Improve the… Read More »