Lady Gaga Tweeted “What’s Fortnight?” and She’s Being Endlessly Dragged

By | October 16, 2019
  • Lady Gaga broke the internet thanks to tweeting “What’s Fortnight?” (FYI, it’s spelled “Fortnite.”)
  • Fans are trolling Gaga on Twitter, but some people think she’s trolling and/or giving everyone a clue about her new music.

    So, the other day Lady Gaga hit up Twitter and posed the following innocent question: “What’s Fortnite?” Wait, sorry, she actually asked “What’s Fortnight?” and now the entire internet is spiraling.

    First of all, a couple questions: 1) Is Gaga trolling, 2) Did Gaga open Twitter when she meant to open Google, and 3) Is it actually possible that Gaga doesn’t know what the most popular video game on the planet is? Unclear!

    Either way, someone needs to print this tweet out and hang it in a museum:

    In the event that you, too, are confused by Fortnite (hi, mom!), it’s an exceedingly popular video game released in 2017 where players create worlds and battle each other while Epic Games earns hundreds of millions per month in the process. Fortnite has been in the news a bunch lately thanks to mysteriously “disappearing” while a new era begins, and apparently Gaga is confused.

    As you might expect, the reaction to her tweet is ?!?!?!?!, dismay, LOLs, and an abundance of gifs:

    Some have hailed the tweet as the best of 2019:

    While the Dictionary came in to troll her misspelling:

    Then we have the conspiracy theorists:

    And even professional gamer Ninja responded:

    In conclusion: never ever change, Lady Gaga.

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