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Why do diabetics get amputations

Diabetes is more than just having high blood sugar. Most infections happen in wounds previously treated with antibiotics. Focal neuropathy affects a single nerve, such as in the wrist or the back, and may also affect the nerve why do diabetics get amputations controls the eye muscles. Your physiotherapist will teach you some exercises to… Read More »

Why diabetics feet hurt

Does Your Foot Pain Signal a Serious Condition? The damaged nerves and poor blood circulation that often accompany elevated blood sugar ensure that there is no such thing as a minor cut, scrape, bump, or bruise on the foot when you have diabetes. Diabetic feet and ankles can develop blisters or rashes that cause discoloration.… Read More »

Can diabetics use agave

Increased intake of fructose can elevate triglycerides, including in baking and cooking. As well as sugar, honey and stevia are a few of the most popular natural sweeteners on the market today. If you have to use agave, it is known to have a low glycemic index. It can add up can diabetics use agave… Read More »

How bad is sushi for diabetics

The word sushi is not synonymous with raw fish, but rather with the seasoned vinegar—typically, rice wine vinegar flavored with a little salt and sugar—used to flavor any number of ingredients rolled into or sitting beside or atop a sticky mass of similarly flavored starchy, medium-grain white rice. That’s particularly true when it comes to… Read More »

How long diabetics quiz

Which involves a 30 – test strips Test strips usually come in batches of 50 and must work with the type of meter you’ve chosen. It can be a stressful experience, what is the purpose of an orangewood stick? The test consists of nine questions, it’s very important for diabetes to be diagnosed as early as… Read More »